COPENHAGEN- stylish people and their bicycles

Me and my boyfriend started the New Year with the trip to Copenhagen. Isn’t it a great way to start the New Year by discovering new places? Lately these small trips became the part of our lifestyle, witch makes me really happy. I find travelling super exciting and inspiring.

After the Christmas holiday in Lithuania instead of going directly to our home in Portugal, we stopped for few days in this beautiful city. However, winter is not the best time to travel. Try to imagine how long you can stay outdoor walking when it´s -5 °and super windy. The only solution was to make hourly stops at coffee bars and shops to warmth up. It’s not cheap city/country to go on holiday, so few days trip is always good idea. Also, it is worth mentioning that everybody speaks English amazingly well. It really makes everything much easier.

My very first impression was: “Sooo many bicycles!”. Seriously, I was impressed. No traffic or angry rushing people. All city perfectly prepared for cyclists. Just take you bicycle and go! But this time we have chosen to walk. I only can image how amazing it should be there in summer. By the end of our two days trip I was filled with a strong urge to hop on a bicycle and ride through the city with fresh flowers in the basket. I really would love to experience how it feels to be the part of their cyclists community, at least for a day.

Another thing that caught my eye was stylish people. Believe it or not, but in two days I haven´t seen not even one tasteless person. No animal print coats or cheap looking bling bling accessories. Sometimes I just couldn’t take my eyes of people; I was admiring each and all of them and smiling. I have to say that Scandinavian style is my thing, whatever it’s interior or fashion design.

I really hope that this year we will keep our tradition alive. There is still so much to see!







IMG_0742 IMG_0743






If you get the chance to visit I highly recommend it.

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