do the best you can until you know better or don’t do it at all

Here we go again!

New Year means new beginnings and new promises for myself. I know that a lot of people start the new year like that, so I am not the exception. I truly think that it doesn’t really matter if you make all of it happen or not, what matters is that you honestly try. Of course if you do! And when you try and work for it, a simply dream becomes your goal.

I don’t mind telling it out loud for you guys that some of the promises I made this year are actually connected with this blog. Lately I found myself questioning what it is I want to create and what it is I want to say on this platform. I’m constantly telling myself: “do the best you can until you know better or don’t do it at all”. I know that good things take time to develop, but I decided to give myself a year to figure out whether I should continue blogging or not. To be honest, I can’t imagine my life without blog, but that constant sensation of not doing it good enough have been driving me crazy for quite a while already. What do I mean by that? Well.. basically by producing QUALITY; from good photos to frequent posts. Photos aren’t a problem anymore, thanks to my thoughtful boyfriend. What’s left is to be creative and schedule my time better… Wish me luck!

Happy New Year folks and don’t be afraid to set new goals!






coat SH / pants H&M / sweater PRIMARK / bag LEFTIES/ gloves PRESENT /shirt LEFTIES /


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