I promised more colors on my blog, so here it comes! I was surprised when I realised that I never published any outfit photos with this oversized blue blazer, which I obviously love. I wear it with heels, sneakers or biker boots. It’s just perfect reflection of my sense of style. And it’s blue! Blue was my favourite color since I can remember and I still really like it. Well not as much as khaki shades, but still.


Spring is almost here, folks!


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blazer SH / pants H&M / bag LEFTIES/ bodysuit KAIP TU? /

sunnies FREYRS / scarf SANMARTIN

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  1. Blue is a good color for you. You are a very cute woman. (I know many think cute is a juvenile term, but I think cute means not just very pretty, but cuddly too. Just my opinion.) Another thing is very evident. You have a beautiful smile! I hope life is treating you so that you feel like smiling a lot because you wear it well!!

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