This particular day in Tavira was truly a day of exploring. We simply chosen the direction we hoped would be fruitful and followed it. This is my favorite way of spending vacation, even when I am going to the places I’ve been before. However, we’ve chosen this charming town as our destination mainly because my parents never been there, and they actually seen quite a bit of the south of Portugal already.

It was beautiful and a hot, very, very hot day.  So having a hat and sun protection on was a must. We spent all morning browsing through narrow streets and enjoyed what the town had to offer. After, we had a pleasing lunch by the river and the second part of the day we decided to spend at Pego do Inferno. Perfect place to refresh your body on a hot day.  Just for a change, instead of the ocean. If you never heard of it check on google or on my Instagram feed. Unfortunately, for now, the access is quite awful. It´s really sad to see what bad human hands can do to the nature.

And finally, we called the exploring to an end when the sun started to go down. We arrived home for a cozy homemade dinner and some ice-cream afterwards. Such a great memories from this day!


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dress LEFTIES/ sandals BATŲ KALNAS + DIY/ basket AL4UATRO + DIY/ watch and sunnies BESPOKE LISBON/ hat  AL4UATRO 



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