I know that for my Lithuanian readers it might be confusing to see me in such a summery clothes in November.  I have to admit, weather until mid-November was fantastic. I could not wish for a better. I said was, because the actual fall finally has arived to Portugal and I am sure this is my last 2017 bare legs outfit.

As the weather has changed, my upcoming day off plan is to reorganise my closet and hide all summer clothes. Yes, I still haven´t done it, but I do this every season and this year is no exception. I find the results very practical for a few reasons. First, while doing it I can carefully review all my clothes and get rid of the things I haven´t weared all season. Second, as all the clothing options that are not suitable for certain weather are hidden, it helps to save my time in the morning chosing the outfit.  I can much faster find the clothes I want or need.

Also, I am a huge fan of organising clothes by the color and pattern. Somehow it feels less chaotic and looks more estetic. Some things, as warm thic sweaters and outdoor clothes, apart of color organization, I like to arrange by type.  Once again, it saves time and most imporantly protects other clothes from getting all covered with textile fibers from my sweaters.

And what about you? Do you have some special rules to organise your closet? If you do, share below in a comment section.


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dress SH  / sweater SH   /sneakers PRIMARK/ basket FLEA MARKET / watch and sunnies BESPOKE LISBON/ hat  AL4UATRO 



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