Connection between looking your best and feeling confident


I think everybody has those days when just don’t feel like spending too much time and effort on their appearance, but obviously want to look good. It is imporant to almost all of us and looking “put together” is clearly an effort

From my point of view there are three ways to simplify achieving that “put together” look  I have mentioned before.  One of them is to have at least one or two complete outfit formulas in which you feel more confident, more relaxed, more… more everything. It also helps to save some time in the morning. It goes without saying that wardrobe can have a huge impact on how we feel.

The second way is to wear black. I don’t know how about you, but I feel very self-assured and comfy in black. Black and red lipstick to be more specific. This combination always saves me on a bad day. However, I don’t really have that many pieces in black because when it comes to buying new clothes shop what catches my eye and not a specific color. And somehow most of the time I end up buying anything but black.

And last but not least- wear basic key pieces. I actually found very interesting article on this topic on Who What Wear website, check it out here. So, you can stick to basic or as illustrated in the photos below combine key pieces such as jeans and leather jacket with one outstanding piece. In this case I chose embroidered top from Shein. This way you will never end up looking too boring or too “loud”.

There is no doubt that outfit and appearance may alter how we approach and interact with the environment. There is obviously a strong connection between looking your best and feeling confident, so take your time and analyse what suits you most and makes you feel conformable in your own skin. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


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jacket H&M / embroidered top SHEIN / black top and belt PRIMARK / jeans LEFTIES / sunnies SOLARIS watch NIXON



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