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It’s July now and we officially enter the second half of year 2018. However, I still remember myself setting up goals for New Year. It strangely went too fast from winter to summer. Don’t you agree?

As I celebrated my 27th birthday last week, I made some new promises to myself. Believe me, I am not one of those who make long lists and don’t accomplish any of it. Actually take it really seriously, even tho sometimes it becomes quite stressful. For this reason it is really important to think carefully what you actually wish for. You will be surprised how many things in life we wish for we don’t even need.

So, for the first time my birthday goal is quite abstract and intangible. The main idea is to find a way how to achieve it on a way and not before. I promised that doesn’t matter how busy I will be I will find some time for myself. And I am not talking about setting up an appointment at hairdresser or getting my nails done. Not even close. What I seek is to grow my inner me: find sport that suits my lifestyle, learn something new, meditate and concentrate on my goals by prioritizing things that actually matter. Maybe even clearing up my schedule from the activities that just takes all my energy and nothing else. Feedback is very important to all of us but most important is how our body and mind response.


P.S I love to shoot after the sun has set because of the kind of magical light which comes along. I hope you enjoy my head to toe pastel look.


Best wishes | Šilčiausi linkėjimai,



top SHEIN /shorts EBAY +DIY / clutch MANGO / flat shoes BATŲ KALNAS /earings MANGO / watch BESPOKE LISBON 

Makeup: Maybelline New York

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