Dresses Every day For A Week

On one of my Instagram post I have mentioned that I could wear dresses every day. Wearing dresses and skirts all the time makes me feel prettier, more feminine, and makes everyday a little  special. However, I only feel that way in late spring, summer and early autumn. Bare tanned legs and dress is my favorite combination. Also, on hot summer days in Portugal I can´t even think of wearing jeans, it´s simply too hot to cover yourself up with fabric. I still wear dresses and skirts in winter, but probably 80% of them are summer ones.

Next week on Monday I am starting something fun, already seen and heard, but for me it´s new and exciting experiment. All week I will be wearing dresses and skirts and going to share it with you guys. Follow my Insta Stories and join me if you wish!


Best wishes | Šilčiausi linkėjimai,



dress  SHEIN / basket AL4UATRO / sneakers  PRIMARK /earlings and sunglasses BESPOKE LISBON 

Makeup: Maybelline New York

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