Our September vacation started on a road Algarve- Seville with me remembering that there is an hour time difference between Portugal and Spain. Actually on a normal consequincess it wouldn´t even be a big deal but at that point my parents were almost landing and we just leaving the Algarve. So, obviously impossible to get there on time.

Right after airport our next next adventure began: finding our Airbnb apartment. The GPS was constatly breaking and changing the directions while were driving in the narrow streets. After hours driving around we finally managed to find a parking place, however 20 minutes away from the place we were staying. And it truly felt like a miracle when we found it! We promised to ourself that next time we will come without a car and with a traditional paper map because central Seville is a confusing place to navigate. Unless you have more time to just wanders around.

Despite all of this our stay was wonderfull. Very well picked Airbnb location- basically in the center but still in a quiet neighbourhood. Even the unexpected rain after super hot day was refreshingly good as we haven´t seen raining for quite a while. Those who live in the Algarve will understand. But what stunned me most was the  Moorish, Gothic and Renaissance influenced architecture (will share some more photos on my next post). There was everything, from charming squares, impressive historic monuments to cozy and picturesque neighbourhoods. We had an amazing time waking up early in the morning and taiking a walk around our neighbourhood before having a slow breakfast with big cup of café con leche.  Not to mention the relaxing atmosphere we felt all around even thwo Seville like any other major city is super busy. I´m only talking from my September visit experience, but I´ve heard many comments that its busy regardless of when you go.



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dress  SHEIN / sneakers PRIMARK / bag SH / watch ANA CALHEIROS / sunglasses BESPOKE LISBON 

Makeup: L’Oréal Paris



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