Mano vasaros mėgstamiausi iš L’Oréal Paris

Kaip, kad besikeičiantys orai įtakoja mūsų nuotaiką bei rūbų pasirinkimą, taip ir kasdien naudojamos makiažo priemonės kiekvienu sezonu kinta. Nors per karsčius mažų mažiausiai norisi kažką tepti ant veido apart kremo, tačiau darbo dienomis net ir per karščius makiažo nevengiu. Tiesa, pastarasis kiek kitoks… Continue Reading

Something extra

  I found that seasonal changes in temperature and light can not only have an impact on my moods, but also on my style. During fall season I seek for minimal decor, traditional cut clothes. Also, usually I wear very neautral… Continue Reading

From head to toe

  It’s July now and we officially enter the second half of year 2018. However, I still remember myself setting up goals for New Year. It strangely went too fast from winter to summer. Don’t you agree? As I celebrated… Continue Reading

Pastel Spring on my mind

Don’tknow about you, but for me pastel colors are ideal for sunny spring and summer. Perfect choice when you want to look fresh and blooming. When styled thoughtfully I find pastels timeless enough to wear them year after year. There… Continue Reading