There’s no better time than now

  It has been a while! I’ve been quite busy with my work and other activities but now I’m back with new and very first winter outfit. Clearly with something that presents better the current season. Even though it’s sunny most of… Continue Reading

Rudens mėgstamiausi ir ne tik

Portugalijoje žiema prasidėjo vos prieš tris savaites, na, o Lietuvoje ji jau spėjo įpusėti, tad nusprendžiau, kad pats laikas pasidalinti trumpa apžvalga apie priemones kurias testavau rudenį ir vis dar naudoju iki šiandien. Turbūt nebūsiu vienintelė, kuri savo veido oda… Continue Reading

Terracotta dress

  I know I know… its almost Christmas and I am here with another sumerish outfit. This is the second dress I have received in the end of September (mentioned it on my previous post), so I had a chance… Continue Reading

Timeless nautical style

  You just can’t go wrong with a simple striped dress for those days when you can’t figure out what to wear. Navy stripes are timeless, classy and always on point. I simply can’t imagine my wardrobe without nautical style clothes. Especially now, as I live in… Continue Reading