That one thing in your wardrobe/ the necklace story

Ar jums taip būna, kai drabužinėje ar papuošalų stalčiuje atsiradęs vienas ar kitas naujas daiktas tampa nepakeičiamu? Tada rodos imi ir pamiršti apie daugelį kitų, jau ilgai turimų aksesuarų ar rūbų ir pastarajį vis pagriebi patį pirmą. Ruošdama šį įraša apie tai susimąsčiau, nes būtent… Continue Reading


What is so special about the spring that makes us love it? To be honest, at this time of the year I always feel so relieved! Don´t you? I feel happier and more alive, because I know that my beloved summer is… Continue Reading

do the best you can until you know better or don’t do it at all

Here we go again! New Year means new beginnings and new promises for myself. I know that a lot of people start the new year like that, so I am not the exception. I truly think that it doesn’t really matter… Continue Reading


Struggle with the light is real folks. And especially for someone like me, who has simple camera and tries to do all the best to achieve good photos. Super patient boyfriend can’t be forgotten as well hah. During these last… Continue Reading