There’s no better time than now

  It has been a while! I’ve been quite busy with my work and other activities but now I’m back with new and very first winter outfit. Clearly with something that presents better the current season. Even though it’s sunny most of… Continue Reading

What makes me happy

It has been a while since my last OOTD post, but here I am. Spring and summer always have been my favorite seasons bringing new ideas and inspiration.  It is wonderful time to appreciate the beauty and bounty that mother earth… Continue Reading


  Jei kas prieš gerus penkis metus man būtų parodęs šią pastelinę palaidinę su plačiomis rankovėmis, net nebūčiau pagalvojus jog apskritai kada nors kažką panašaus vilkėsiu. Tačiau, kaip jau turbūt žinot, su amžiumi mes bręstame ir mūsų skonis daugeliui dalykų… Continue Reading